Laputa Eco-Construction Material Company Limited was established in 2005. Immediately after establishment, the company had signed a license agreement with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKPolyU) to exclusively produce ECO-GLASS BLOCK. We adopted safety, quality and efficiency as the core values in the production of our environmentally friendly concrete products, guaranteeing the trust and confidence of our clients. In the past year, the company has been actively promoting our products. Our success was acknowledged by receiving two environmental awards and being publicized by a number of media within this territory.

The development and expansion of our business continue as we had recently signed a new license agreement with HKPolyU to produce the AIR POLLUTANT REMOVAL PAVING BLOCK. With the Action Blue Sky campaign launched by the Hong Kong SAR Government, this product can effectively enhance the air quality in Hong Kong.

Our company processes and recycles the waste locally and all of our products are made in Hong Kong. Since the establishment of the company, more than 600 tonnes of post-consumer glass wastes have already been recycled to produce Eco-Glass paving blocks for the local construction industry. It is the target of the company to recycle more than 750 tonnes of glass wastes by the end of 2006.